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With the age of YouTube and social media, some hairdressers, stylists, and even end users feel they can handle hair extensions just by watching a video and purchasing a kit.

These videos are not necessarily bad – some do offer a visual refresher on application, but they can’t replace the expertise that only come from experience.

Everyone has seen a bad extension job and you DON’T want to be that woman.

RaNae Mendiola has over 20 years in the hair industry and is now a Cinderella Hair Extensions Authorized Product & Service Provider. She has completed formal training for these products and understands how to select and affix extensions that will provide the best fit for your look and lifestyle.

Using all of her knowledge of Cinderella Hair Extensions with her experience, and RaNae will blend, color, and cut your hair so well the only people that know you have extensions will be the ones you tell.

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Cinderella Hair Extensions, first established in 1994, have been around for over 20 years.  They have been the standard in quality hair extensions.  Their prominence initially came from their “organic bond” system perfecting the process of attaching hair extensions without damaging your existing hair.

Keeping the emphasis on quality, Cinderella Hair Extensions continues to innovate new methods of attachment and create products to better match styles, textures, and colors.

Truly exemplifying their motto of “Our Hair, Your Way.”

Cinderella Hair Extensions are carefully selected from 100% Remy hair (meaning: all the hair cuticle faces in the same direction), which prevents tangling, matting and provides a natural appearance and styling response.

Cinderella Hair Extensions Products

RaNae takes time to explain and guide you through your choices during the initial consultation discussing color, length, texture, and method of bonding to ensure your successful look.



hair-extension-rangeCinderella offers over 60 different colors from traditional hair colors (with 20+ shades of blonde) to edgy (fiery red, pastels, and fantasy colors), something to match or compliment your hair and create the image you want.


download-3The length of the hair extensions varies from 8″ inches to 28″ inches.


The texture is classified into for standard categories.
“Straight” – Cinderella’s most popular option that is silky smooth and falls straight.
“Bodywave” – providing additional volume, movement and texture. These extensions are steamed (not permed) to provide a gentle and temporary wave. Note: these hair extensions come in 18” and 22” only.
“Curly/Permed” – These hair extensions maintain the spiraling curls for up to 3 months and are readily available as stock items. They only come in 20” lengths.
“Afro-Textured” – The Afro-Texture style is slightly coarser, allowing for the hair extensions to blend with similar hair and provide a more full and natural look. Available in 16” lengths.

Type of Bonding

Bonding TypeClassis Organic Bonding Extensions – Cinderella pioneered organic bonding. The protein molded bond (PMB) molds around your natural hair when properly heated and prepared.
T-Tip Tape Extensions – The tape attachment method is one of the more common options where 2 adhesive tabs (containing the hair extension) are placed together with your natural hair between them.
I-tip Extensions – These hair extensions do not require heat to be applied and can be removed without the chemicals needed to remove adhesive tape. These specific hair extensions us a mechanical attachment to cling onto natural hair.